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Volume 3 Number 6
Week in, Week out
A School publication

This week the doors at BISI extended to more year groups, with a phased return for students in Years Two, Three and Four, in addition to Year One, EYFS students and Years eleven & thirteen in Secondary School who returned in previous weeks. 

It's been a delight to hear the halls filled with the sounds of more students (all wearing masks or face shields) and seeing them return to the 'new normal' at BISI, engaging in face to face lessons once again with teachers and fellow students. Students have adapted well to the new rules around campus, maintaining social distancing rules, whilst being monitored by staff around campus. While we're not quite back to full speed with all students in school, we hope that as the weeks continue we'll hear further announcements about our remaining students continuing their education from home. 

This week our secondary students (Y11 & Y13) have fully immersed themselves back into a school routine and enjoyed some PE lessons in the fresh air, after a long stint at home without any team sports! we also held a socially distanced 'Directors Awards' ceremony in the botanical garden, to present two awards to a Y10 and Y12 student, selected at the end of the last academic year.

Thankfully the weather has remained kind and enabled plenty of outside learning for all of our key stages in school. Let's hope it stays with through the weekend, too!

We hope you enjoy this week's glimpse of BISI life...

Happy reading!
Autum walks at Zek Campus

Ms Lizzie: Zek Campus Reception Class Teacher

Reception Class went on a Autumn walk on Thursday and had a Autumn hunt checklist to tick off everything they saw. We even saw an apple tree and a pine tree. After they came back to class and cut different Autumn pictures out and decorated their own Autumn tree.
Which continent is this animal from? 

Ms Reed's Year One class at  Zek Campus
Zek Campus Library Time

Trips to the library are something that form a part of our students' weekly schedules. Reading and developing their creative minds is an important part of the learning process and we're very pleased to see our students enjoying their weekly trips once again with Ms Sukran, our Primary School Librarian, along with the class teachers and assistants. Here we have a snapshot of Ms Verralls Year One class during their weekly visit. 

Which book are you reading currently? We'd love to hear what is currently on your reading list! 
Year 3's First Day Back 
Students from class 3A show us some of their class work on their first day back in school since March!
City Campus 

At BISI we believe in interactive learning and ensuring our students have time to explore the outdoors as well as inside the classroom. Keeping our students active is very important whilst ensuring their safety at all times during these challenging days. With the addition of the yellow spots around our campuses, students are able to get plenty of fresh air each day while keeping a safe and suitable distance from one another. Above you can see some of our City Campus students during their break time this week. 
Year Four - First Day Back!

It was the turn of Year 4 to return to campus on Tuesday this week and Ms Lincoln snapped a few of our students looking rather happy to be back, even from behind a mask and screen!
National School Year 5 D&T

Ms Battye: National School Year 5 Class Teacher

As part of our Design and Technology lessons, Year 5 National have been busy researching and designing pizzas that use seasonal ingredients. This week they took part in a virtual cooking class and made some terrifically tasty pizzas to share with their families. Yum!
Secondary Directors Award 

Putting to good use the beautiful outdoor space we have in our Botanical garden, the Year 11 & Year 13 students gathered on Tuesday lunchtime to hear the results of the Directors Awards from the last term of 2019-2020. Managing to avoid the late afternoon rain and clouds, Mr Robinson presented two awards to students who have shown the best all round performance, not only academically, but in all areas of school life. 

Congratulations to Andriana Lymperopoulou & Cem Yilmaz; BISI is very proud to present these awards to you, and to all of our students in Secondary, in the words of Mr Robinson (and to quote Bill & Ted) "you are all most excellent!" 
Director of Secondary, Mr Robinson, making his introductory speech before handing out the Directors Awards. 
Yellow marks the spot: Our students remained safely distanced as they cheered on the winners. 
Secondary Science 

Sepehr  Taheri: Secondary Teacher of Physics 

The year 11 students carried out experiments using ray boxes to examine reflection, refraction and the phenomenon of total internal reflection of light which is the basis of fibre optics, a modern technology widely used in communication, cable TV and non-intrusive surgical methods and endoscopy. 
Year 11 back to PE

For those of you wondering what PE looks like during the time of Covid-19, you can see here our Year 11 students who returned to campus last week enjoying their first PE lesson since the school closed in March. Carefully thought out, with safety as the first priority, students have been able to enjoy physical activity at a safe distance. Here you can see our football field being put to use as well as the botanical garden, providing a beautiful scenic area for our students to enjoy the fresh air and maintain good physical health. 
How do children love Maths? 

Tips to support children's mathematical development from Dr Taylan Çeltik - Head of Secondary School Mathematics 

Mathematics is a science that occurs at every point of life. Understanding mathematics and establishing relationships with numbers at an early age makes a serious contribution to the development of rational logic. 

Strengthening the child's logic development from an early age benefits many points in life. Just like the importance of emotional development, rational logic development is also very important. Individuals who can balance between the two throughout their lives will be happier.

Considering mathematics as a rote lesson leads to future problems.

The child gets acquainted with mathematics at a young age. Learning, matching and assimilating mathematics is very important in nature. Periodically, children try to memorise mathematics, but this situation creates huge problems in the future. 

The strong relationship between mathematics and real-life creates very meaningful functional processes at every point from law to engineering.

We follow, one of the most challenging IGCSE Mathematics courses, 0607 for year 10 and 11 extended students; this is such a course devoted to one of its papers, paper-6 into real-life modelling and investigations. Questions may come from any aspects of real-life.

It is important to understand the vital equivalent of operations in mathematics.

At the stage of learning to count at an early age; It is very important to learn to do basic actions such as expressing assets with numbers, ending counting when the entity is finished, stopping counting when the entity is finished, and seeing the vital equivalent of addition and subtraction. It is important to make sense that multiplication is the shortening of addition, that division is the opposite of multiplication, that large quantities are expressed by numbers, and that large quantities can be divided into equal parts by division.

Support your child's math development with mini-games at home:

As families, it is important that you support the math development of your children with small games at home and strengthen them with different questions. Children want to memorize from time to time. For example, if your child says, "How many kilometres will a vehicle travelling at 60 km / h travel in 5 hours? When he answers  "We will crash" to the question, "Are you sure?" When you say "Then we will divide," he says. "Are you sure?" When you ask the question again, "Then we will collect it." he says. If you ask again, he may reply, "Then we will take it out". These answers mean he doesn't understand the full essence of mathematics. Have him reinforce it in different ways, with many examples, and even when he's doing it right, ask little questions if he really understands and does it right. Try explaining and feeding your child with plenty of examples until your child gets stronger in this regard.

For book recommendations and various techniques you can use at home for additional support please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the wonderful teachers in the department.

Socially Distanced Lunches at BISI

With more students attending campus we're making sure that the social distancing continues into the break times of our students. While this can be challenging for everyone, we're ensuring our students can have both fresh air and a healthy amount of social interaction whilst staying safe at all times. Here you can see our staff and students enjoying a spot of lunch outside with lovely views of Zek. 
Classroom Life at BISI 

For those of you wondering how classrooms look during the days of Covid, here you can see how our students attending school right now (Y11 & Y13) are able to attend lessons and also join classes from home to enable a blended learning environment. 
Republic of Turkey Day Celebrations 

Our National School students continue to rehearse in preparation for Republic of Turkey Day celebrations which we will host on 22 October, before the half term holiday. Ms Inan captured this photo of our reception students as they rehearsed in the Botanical garden. 

BISI will host a virtual celebration this year which you are all invited to join.  An invitation with a link will be shared with the whole school community next week, as our students make their final preparations for the performance. 

As the seasons are changing, it's time to find our warmer coats and enjoy the cooler climates of autumn. Whatever your plans for the weekend, we hope you enjoy, and we'll be back next week with more BISI updates. 

Below is a little poem about Autumn which our Year One students would like to share with you...

Happy weekend to you all!

BISI Communications 
Ms Verrals Year One students reciting a poem about Autumn.