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Volume 3 Number 9
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

Dear readers,

Its been a busy week at BISI as most of Primary are back in school for blended learning. We had two important events this week: 10 November Commemoration day and 11 November Remembrance Day, one being virtual and the other physical. We also had our IB chemistry students conduct their individual investigations this week.

Although the weather is cooling down it has not stopped any of our students from rugging up and enjoying their play time whilst maintaining safety by wearing their masks and sanitising regularly.

Please enjoy this week's sneak peak at whats been happening at BISI.
City Campus Year 2- Breads from around the world

Year 2 explored breads from around the world this week! They loved tasting all the different types of bread! 
City Campus Year 2-

Learning how to Divide

Year 2 in the city have been hard at work learning to divide! Here they are answering word problems and using plasticine. 
City Class 4S- Art Class

David Scarff: 4S Classroom Teacher

In 4S in the City, we are just starting a new unit in Art, Painting. Last week we learnt about the primary and secondary colours. This week we made tertiary colours and then studied the artist, Kadinsky and how he used colours and music in his work. Then we made our own abstract paintings.
National EYFS and Reception
In FS1 we are learning about colours this term. As a part of this topic, the children were allowed to come to school dressed in this week's focus colour: red.
This week our National Reception class illustrated their families.
National School- 10 November Commemoration  Day Ceremony

This year marks the 82nd Anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's departure, the Founder of the Turkish Republic. A virtual Commemortation Cermony was held by our National school students and teachers as well as International Primary at 9:00am on Tuesday morning. All of BISI were invited to join the event. To view the ceremony Please click here.
City Campus Year 4's observing a minute silence at 9:05am for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
ZEK Class 3S- Ancient Egypt Mummifying a Fish

Joanne Sutherland-Smith 3S Classroom Teacher

In History we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. As part of our unit we looked at the mummification process, we decided to mummify a fish so we could understand all the different stages involved.
We followed all the steps as closely as possible as they would have done during Ancient Egyptian times.

What was the children's reaction to mummifying the fish?

When Ms Sutherland Smith mummified the fish I liked it when I got to smell the herbs especially the cinnamon - Humza

When Ms Sutherland Smith removed the organs of the fish it was bloody.- Helen

I was surprised to see that the organs were bloody and I learnt that we had to leave the fish in the kitty litter for 40 days. - Mateo

I did not like it when Ms Sutherland Smith mummıfied the fish because I did not like seeing the organs.-  Daniel

I learnt the steps on how to mummify a fısh. -  Dominique

When Ms Sutherland Smith took out the organs of the fish it was disgusting and it made a gooey sound. - Omar

I really liked it when Ms Sutherland Smith added all the herbs and mixed it with vinegar. - Jenny
ZEK Class 5F- Roles and Responsibilities

Our Year 5 students have prepared new roles and responsibilities to ensure a safe learning environment.
Remembrance Day

On Wednesday 11th November 2020, Richard Robinson and Richard I’Anson represented the British International School at the Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Haydarpaşa Cemetery in Istanbul. Also in attendance was Alexander (Year 7) who read the reply to ‘In Flanders Field’ poem.
Remembrance Day commemorates all the soldiers who have given their lives in the service of their respective nations.
Year 11 History- Polictical Compass Test

Robert Somers: Head of Humanities

This week Y11 History students have been learning about ideology. Using the Political Compass test, we imagined we were living in Stalin's Russia. Fifty questions later the test placed us on the extreme left of the economic scale and halfway up the authoritarian scale. We got pretty close to Stalin, but he was even more extreme than we could imagine. Students then took the test confidentially themselves answering questions on race, the economy and foreign policy to see where they place individually. Year 11 students hold some pretty extreme views, but thankfully, no one came close to Stalin.

Please click here to take the Political Compass test yourself!
Year 13 Chemistry- Individual Investigations

Darren Clark: IB Chemistry Teacher

Year 13 having been completing their individual investigations this week, having two days off timetable to complete their collection of primary data in Chemistry. This counts for 20% of their course, so it is an important aspect of their studies. 
As you can see form the photographs, they were very busy and clearly enjoying themselves. 
IGSE Art Work

Watch this space! Next week we will be sharing some of our Year 11 students' art projects!
City Campus Students making rainbows on the playground during their playtime.
Hope everyone has a safe and restful weekend.

Best wishes,

BISI Communications