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Volume 3 Number 10
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

Dear readers,

Prior to the announcement last week, BISI was having quite a busy week!
We have a sneak peak of our Year 7 and Year 11 P.E classes as well as some beautiful artwork by our IGSE and IB students. In the city the Year Ones went on a pretend camping trip and the Year Ones at Zek went on a pretend flight whilst studying the topic of Transport.

We hope you will enjoy the 10th edition of whats been happening at BISI. Although cut short we hope to have all our students back on campus as soon as possible and will continue to update the community as we receive new information.
City Campus Year 1

Alisa Lorenz: Year One Classroom Teacher

Hello! Here are some highlights from Year 1 City Campus. 

This week in Literacy, we went on a pretend camping trip! We packed our things and travelled to our campsite. We put up our tents, then ate snack and sang around the campfire. We went to sleep in our tents. In the morning, we took down our tents and packed up our things. We had a great time! 
In Design Technology , we will be making a home for a character. This week, we learnt how to roll paper to make legs for a table!
City Campus Year 2

This week Year 2 in the city learnt how to prepare food using graters, peelers and knives this week. 
City Campus Year 6

Donna Wootton: Year 6 Classroom Teacher

Year 6 has been studying The Highwayman by Alfred Noyses and they are now preparing to make a stop motion animation video of a scene from the poem.  As part of their planning, they first needed to write a script for the scene they're planning to shoot and then draw up a storyboard.

Please find attached a picture of Nira's storyboard. 
The Year 6 students have been learning about Coordinates in Mathematics.  The attached Jamboard shows them practising their reflection skills online with a partner, using Google's Jamboard platform.
National EYFS 1 and 2

Katrine Davidson: EYFS Classroom Teacher

Friday 13th November we had a special day in the National School EYFS classes. We learnt about different celebrations that take place in autumn and winter such as Diwali, Kwanzaa, St Lucy’s day and Bonfire Night. The children learnt about why these days are important for the people who celebrate them and how they are celebrated. They also completed activities related to these days.
National Class 4S Kahoot

Eda Nur Kocaman: Year Four Turkish Teacher

In our Year 4 Turkish class we used the Kahoot platform to do our lesson on punctuation. The students really enjoyed themselves whilst using this platform.
ZEK Year One

Amelia Verralls: Year One Classroom Teacher 

Year one has been reading stories from around the world. Their favourite story was Silly Billy, which refers to Guatemala. The children made their own worry dolls and continued to make more at home.

They enjoyed boarding a flight and taking off to their topic, which is Transport this term.

In maths, Year 1 has been learning about numbers and referring to the vocabulary, greater and less than. 
Zek Year One Online

This term Year 1 is enjoying their master chef club. Today we baked cookies and ate many chocolate chips in the process. 
ZEK House Captains

The house captains have collected the house points for last half term and for the Halloween day and put together results videos.

Click here to view the Half Term totals videos
Click here to view the Halloween totals videos
Zek Year 5

Liam Fawcett: Year 5 Classroom Teacher

As part of their space module, this week 5F have been learning about the planets in our solar system. They created their own display poster with fact cards for each planet.
Year 7 P.E

Josh Kinnear: Physical Education Teacher 

This week the year 7 students linked up with The Arcadia School in Dubai for a sports lesson. The sports teacher from Arcadia did a fun fitness lesson for the first 15 minutes. Our enthusiastic students joined in over Google meet. 
During Monday’s sports lesson the students were also asked to come up with their own exercises and many volunteered to explain and demonstrate their exercise to The Arcadia school students. Then we did them altogether. 
The whole experience was great fun and the BISI students really did themselves proud. The Arcadia staff even commented on how fit our BISI students were and how well all their explanations were.
A special mention to Kai, Alex Mayer, Eylül, Matthieu, Silke, Isabel and Jorge who all showed great courage volunteering to show their exercise. 
Well done to everyone involved!
Year 11 P.E

This week the Year 11's were enjoying none contact sports for their P.E lessons.
Football training on the field and Badminton in the Gym.
IB Art Work

Amor Cabato: Secondary Visual Arts Teacher

IB students have been working on wood to make pyrography art. These are small studies the IB Art students are working on to inform them of the bigger studio work they will complete by the end of the 1st term. 

Artworks belong to IB students Lia and Hanan
IGSE Art Work

Year 11 IGSE Art students are working on their own courseworks. Below you can see some photos of their previous art pieces from this term. Student's work featured: Kamand, Serena, Nilay, Malaika, Giulia and Derya
24 November Primary Peardeck Teacher Training

Please click here to view the letter about the Peardeck teacher training session.
27 November BISI Online Wellness Day

Please click here to view the letter regarding BISI Primary Wellness Day event.
Wishing everyone great week ahead.

BISI Communications