In the first week of each academic year, we send some forms to you. The purpose of these forms is to collect information about the medical history, allergies of the student and medicines that the student uses regularly.

Our campus has a Nurse available to answer any queries you have about your child’s health.

Our Zekeriyakoy Campus School Nurse, Ms. Yasemin Eryuksel can be contacted on the following numbers:

Phone Number: +90 212 202 27 07 Ext:115

Mobile Phone Number: +90 533 735 33 05


Our campus is guarded 24 hours a day and is monitored 7/24 hours by security cameras. Parents will be given an ID card with their photograph on it. If you are not wearing your ID picture card, you will be asked to give ID in exchange for a pass when coming into the campus.

Notification will be required if there are any changes to the usual routine when picking up your child.

The school will call you if the person collecting your child is not known to us. Please ensure that your mobile telephone number is up to date with our secretaries.

Please feel free to contact us for:

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