Our Vision and Mission

BISI encourages its students to understand the importance of cultural richness by increasing their sensitivity towards the international environment. Our students reach their full social and academic potential, grow up as lifelong learners and responsible individuals in the global society.

Cultural Richness

Our aim is to promote understanding and mutual respect within our society and to recognize the values ​​and cultures of other nations. We believe that our understanding of international solidarity and cooperation, a better learning environment, mutual understanding and respect with other nations and cultures, and diversity arising from tolerance and differences provide a more productive social environment.

Our philosophy

  • Guided by our vision and mission, we ourselves:
  • To provide education to our students in an inspiring environment, to the highest possible academic standards,
  • To raise our students as individuals who will create a tolerant world by making use of cultural richness,
  • To ensure that our students have a sense of respect, tolerance, honesty and compassion, and to encourage each of them to be responsible and risk-taking individuals by increasing their self-confidence,
  • To guide our students to become adaptable, reflective and questioning individuals throughout their lives,
  • To be aware of the social, physical and emotional needs of each of our students and to work in partnership with their families to provide a relevant learning environment,
  • To create an environment for each of our students to use their creativity and to develop the human spirit in terms of aesthetics,
  • To educate our students as respectful, knowledgeable and caring individuals,
  • We are dedicated to raising individuals who are conscious and responsible for the global environment.

Our Goals


  • To offer our national and international education programs and customized academic programs,
  • To develop our students so that they realize their potential,
  • To appreciate and congratulate the cultural richness,
  • To offer additional activities to the curriculum for our school community and the international community in Istanbul according to appropriate age groups,
  • To support effective communication within the community,
  • Encourage active involvement in the school, local and global communities,
  • To prepare our students to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners,
  • To strive for continuous improvement,
  • We are dedicated to obtaining accreditation from international institutions and organizations.

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© 2024 BISI National School, Özel Beş İklim Sevgi Primary, Middle ve Anatolian High School     Privacy Policy    Term of Use    Careers  

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