Students are educated in our Zekeriyaköy Campus which is close to the Belgrade Forest and about 4km from the Black Sea. Our Campus provides students an international environment where they enjoy sports and nature in addition to more traditional classroom based education with the many facilities offered by the campus.

Our Zekeriyaköy Campus ensures that we provide an opportunity to put theory into practice for our students through well-equipped and all-weather sports halls and indoor gymnasiums, libraries, computer suites and science laboratories, a Botanic Garden, an amphitheatre and a modern school theatre.

Our Campus also provides a multicultural environment to students as a result of our multinational staff and student bodies in addition to the physical and natural facilities. Our current International School has been providing quality education to students for 25 years following the British National Curriculum. The School welcomes 56 nationalities.

Our students have the opportunity to share this multi-cultural environment and participate in various activities with the students from our International School. 

At Bahçeşehir Garden Campus, the academic benefits are anchored in a unique combination of the Turkish National Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum, and British National Curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded educational approach. This integrated curriculum offers students a rigorous academic framework that fosters depth in learning and broadens their intellectual horizons. By focusing heavily on bilingual education, the campus promotes linguistic proficiency in both English and Turkish, which is instrumental in cultivating critical thinking and enhancing cognitive flexibility.


The campus is equipped with advanced science laboratories, computer suites, a gym, and a swimming pool, enhancing the educational landscape for students. These facilities not only provide a practical, hands-on approach to learning but also support physical education and wellness, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Furthermore, Bahçeşehir Garden Campus promotes a multicultural learning environment where students from various backgrounds converge. This diversity fosters a broader worldview among students, encouraging them to understand and appreciate different perspectives. Such an environment enhances social learning and communication skills, which are essential for academic collaborations and future international endeavors. The combination of rigorous academics, practical learning opportunities, and a diverse cultural setting positions Bahçeşehir Garden Campus as a place where students are not only educated but also prepared to meet the challenges of a global landscape.

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Curriculum, and British National Curriculum forms a comprehensive educational framework. This integration offers a robust foundation that not only deepens academic understanding but also broadens perspectives. With a strong emphasis on bilingual education, the campus ensures students achieve fluency in both English and Turkish, enhancing their cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills.


Featuring state-of-the-art science laboratories, computer suites, a gym, and a swimming pool, Çamlıca Hill Campus supports a balanced approach to education. These facilities encourage practical learning and physical health, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge effectively and engage in physical wellness activities. Additionally, the campus's proximity to a large natural area enriches the student experience with environmental education opportunities and outdoor activities, fostering a deeper connection to nature.


The multicultural environment at Çamlıca Hill Campus, enriched by a diverse student body, enhances the community atmosphere, broadening students' worldviews and fostering appreciation for various cultures. This diversity is essential for nurturing social learning and communication skills, which are crucial for academic collaborations and future global engagements. With its scenic location on Çamlıca Hill and a dynamic academic setting, the campus prepares students to face global challenges, making it a prime venue for comprehensive education and personal development.

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