The progress of our students is observed by their teachers throughout the year. In case the student needs guidance support, the experts in the Learning Support Unit of our school make observations of the student in different processes such as lessons, recess, meals and play time upon the notification of the teachers. These observations made by the experts are shared with the student's parents and the necessary guidance is made.

Learning Support Unit 

The Learning Support Unit of our school provides support to our students on this path in case of need in accordance with the philosophy and goal of our school. This unit is responsible for providing the necessary support to our students with special needs for their needs and observing these processes of students.

The Learning Support Unit works in partnership with classroom teachers, parents, administrators, the ESL department and, where necessary, third-party Educational Psychologists and other professionals. 

Psychological Counseling Unit Studies

  • Student Orientation Studies
  • In-Class Student Activities
  • Individual Student Interviews and Follow-Up
  • Student Group Activities
  • Studies with teachers
  • Individual Interviews with Parents
  • Monthly Parent Seminars
  • Candidate Student Interviews

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© 2023 BISI National School,

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