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Volume 3 Number 14
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

Dear readers,

After a busy three and half months we've come to the end of our first semester and the end of a very different and interesting year.

It's safe to say that 2020 will be marked as the most memorable year in our recent history and a year many would prefer to forget! 

Nevertheless, 2020 has taught us many important lessons. A few of which:
To be grateful for all the everyday little things we may have taken for granted, keeping and appreciating good health and although we are isolated from one another it does not mean that we are alone.

We hope to come together in 2021 (literally) at school and in life with a better sense of normality, good health and with many more fun activities and BISI events as we had in the past.

This edition of Week In, Week Out features an impressive digital exhibition by our Secondary Visual Arts Students, Performances by both Primary and Secondary students from our Winter Showcases, plus many more!

Please enjoy the 14th and final edition for 2020 of what’s been happening at BISI!
Zekeriyaköy Campus, Botanical Garden, December 2020
Mathematics Day- Finalists Announced!

Scott Murray: Head of Primary Mathematics Department

Well done to everyone who took part in our Maths Day. I was very impressed with all of the entries. The pupils and teachers all worked very hard. 

The following children win DNR vouchers worth 50 lira each:

EYFS: Busem Musali (FS2S)
KS1: Eunseo Yoon (1R)
KS2 (lower): Nilsa Hormozi (3A City)
KS2 (upper): Ammar Tahir
                     Jenson Teo Lloyd
                     Humdan Khan
                     Lara Nezir
                     Hatice Mirzali (6C)

I also think that Ms Lloyd's classes deserve a special mention for their hard work and David Park from Miss Verralls' class for his amazing 'Maths Wizard' costume.'
City Campus Surprise Guest
City Campus Students in Ms Lauren Walsh's class had a surprise guest this week in their online lessons!
National School- Year 5

Elif KamilÇelebi: Turkish Teacher

Keeping in theme of Holiday related activities, our National School Year 5 students prepared New Year's cards as part of their creative writing activity in their Turkish lesson and also enjoyed decorating them with a personal touch. Then we had a fun lesson playing traditional holiday-themed games. We wish that 2021 will bring good health, happiness and success for all.
Happy new year!
Zek Half Term House Points

Please click here to view the Half Term's House Points for Zek Primary, Presented by our House Captains!
City Winter Showcase 

On Tuesday December 15th the City Campus had their Winter Showcase. Miss Uys introduced the event and then all began by singinging karaoke, with five traditional songs which the children all knew.
Everyone dressed up in their favourite seasonal clothes and accessories. 

Happy Holidays, Everyone and a very happy, healthy 2021!
Desire Uys: City Music Teacher
Presenting the City Campus Winter Showcase

We have a treat in store for you with performances from our talented year 1 and year 6 children. Please see the videos below!
Y1 The Polar Bear Who Stole Christmas
Y6 Ukulele Feliz Navidad
Well done to all the children who took part!
Zek Primary Winter Showcase

Zoe Cosnett: Head of Primary Creative Arts
Presenting the Zek Campus Winter Showcase

Lots of our children - and some parents too - have been working very hard to bring us a talent packed festive treat! Click on the links below to view all of the amazing performances and to find out who the finalists are of the different competitions.

EYFS Compilation Preview
EYFS Folder with full performances

KS1 Prepared Performance Compilation Preview
KS1 Folder with full performances
KS2 Prepared Performance Finalists   

Prepared Performance all entries (Mostly KS2 but some KS1 and EYFS)

Years 3 & 4 Share Your New Year's Resolution
New Year's Resolutions full performances

Years 5 & 6 Name That Tune
Name That Tune full performances

Years 5 & 6 Write Your Own Lyrics
Write Your Own Lyrics full performances

Festive Joke Finalists voted for by the House Captains
Festive Joke all entries 

Karaoke Fun Finalists voted for by the Student Council    

Karaoke Fun all entries 

Family Competition Finalists   

Family Competition all entries 

Festive Acting Entries 

A very big thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part - children and parents!

We hope you all enjoy!
Zoë Cosnett, Raika Mizanoğlu and Sean Dennison
(Primary Head of Creative Arts, KS1 Music Teacher & KS2 Music Teacher)
Secondary Winter Showcase 

Scott Cosnett: Head of Secondary Creative Arts

This year’s Secondary Winter Showcase may have been online, but it lacked none of the community spirit, nor feeling of coming together, normally associated with the pre-holiday show.

The Winter Showcase itself is a chance for us to come together as a community - to laugh together, to appreciate together and to enjoy together - with the creative arts at the centre of this bond. True, there was no staff parody this year and therefore no chance to amuse ourselves with the antics of our staff, so willing to risk embarrassment in the name of comedy and a shared laugh. It is also true that this year we were not to be graced, as we sat silent with lights low and the hairs on our arms standing on end, by the heartwarming  live renditions of our choir and orchestra. No. This year’s show was not the same, but… The show that we did assemble this year, that we as a school collaborated on and participated in and interacted with, was in many ways more impressive. In fact, it positively, undeniably reeked of community spirit and pulling together, our love of the arts the unifying factor. Miss Amor’s wonderful interactive virtual tour highlights this point perfectly.

As students and other members of our community, walked the virtual aisles, virtually adorned with pieces created by real artists from across our school community, they might have pondered how the various pieces in various formats were linked by Miss Amor’s exhibition themes of nature, technology and people. But more than this, they might have come to realise that even when we are scattered and remote, cut away from the routines and customs and people that we became so dependent on, and when we are seemingly isolated… we are not… because we are all ourselves linked by these themes, united and bound together by them, no matter where we are or what problems we face. And in this way, we are reminded that we are not really alone, whilst we can share the same beliefs and hopes and ideas and values and love of what is good in this world.

Do we wish that we could have heard Year 7 singing their recorded Jingle Bells rendition live or that we could have watched Mila belting out Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer live or that we could have watched Lia’s horror homage film in a shared viewing, feeling afraid together? Yes. Do we wish that we might have listened to Amélie playing piano in person or Firas playing guitar in person? Yes, yes of course. Things will return to normality eventually, but we may just appreciate these things, that we might have in the past taken for granted, even more when they do and we may realise what a gift it is to enjoy the arts together.

For this year, our reflections on the arts in the Winter Showcase, albeit from afar, have allowed us a sense of togetherness and community that we should savour and be proud of. 

 Please click here to view the Secondary Art Exhibition prepared by Ms Amor.

Please enjoy our 2020 Winter Warmers collaboration.
Year 9-Humanities
Briley Habib: Geography Teacher

Students in Year 9 have been studying the geography of health. As part of their final assessment they have incorporated their previous knowledge of healthcare systems around the world as well as the geographical impacts of Covid19 on the countries of Nepal and Zimbabwe. Students were introduced to 'Storymap', Geographical Information Systems software created by Esri and they used the software to visually display their researched information.

Here are two examples of students work: Please click here to view Danielle's work. Please click here to view to view Miheer's work.
Virtual Winter Bazaar!
Please click here to access the Student Council Website for all your festive shopping needs by supporting local artisans and our chosen charity TIDER.
Wishing everyone a restful winter break, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

BISI Communications