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Volume 3 Number 19
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

This week the Pre & Primary students celebrated the National Storytelling Week by listening to stories told by their parents as well as teachers in different languages. It was a great experience as the activity encouraged them to describe scenes, feelings and allowed the students to create a structure for their ideas.

Our Year 1 students from the City Campus have been rewriting a story which they have been learning for the past two weeks. They were busy making their own versions of the storybook! Well done to them for their efforts! 

At the National School, our EYFS 2 students have completed their learning on the topic of Dinosaurs. The students learnt to match the Dinosaurs according to their sizes. Our EYFS 1 students in the Zek Campus celebrated the end of their current topic by having a dress up day!

As it was the National Storytelling Week, Our EYFS 2 students in the Dolphins class chose the 'Cookie's Week' story to make up sequences by using pictures and actions. We hope you enjoy their video below!

Our Year 2 students used creative thinking and organizational skills by gathering together pieces of different materials to create an overall art work. Through their work they expressed how they feel about ideas. A very big well done to you all!

For Maths, students from the 2F class used their problem solving skills to investigate division by working out their calculations with their 'friends' by their side. 

There was more Art work created by our Year 4 students in the 4L class. They were inspired by the very famous video of Cold Play, Good work!

In the Zek campus, our Year 8 students started to work on their photography skills , Please see below the great shots taken by our photographers!

The Year 8's were also thrilled to be in the First Science Lab of the year. They are currently investigating metals and their uses.

This week in Spanish, the Year 8 students learnt how to form tenses and wrote biographies in Spanish. Our students in Year 10 taking IGCSE Spanish, prepared videos in Spanish, giving us tips on how to cope during the pandemic! Well done!

Our Year 12 IB students were back in the lab investigating the interference pattern of water waves and the transverse motion they create.

We hope you enjoy the selection of our students work on the 19th edition of What's Been Happening at BISI

Happy Holidays and Well Done for your hard work!!

City Campus - EYFS 2

Miss Lauren: Classroom Teacher

The EYFS 2 students in City loved listening to stories read by their mummies and daddies this week! Thank you to all of the families who read stories this week! At the end of the week, the Frog class dressed up to celebrate the Storytelling Week!
City Campus - Year 1

Alisa Lorenz: Classroom Teacher

Over the past two weeks, Year 1L City, has been learning the story of The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We rewrote the story in three parts: the beginning, the middle and the end. The children then made their own storybooks! This week, for National Storytelling Week, three of the children read their stories to Miss Desiree, the City campus Music teacher, and two students chose to read their stories to Miss Lauren and the children in Reception! 
Click here to listen to Manal Muhanna's story.
National School- EYFS 2

Louise Dominey: Classroom Teacher

This week in the EYFS 2 National School, we have been celebrating the final week of our Dinosaur Topic. Here, the children are engaging in small world play. They ordered the dinosaurs according to size, tried matching the large dinosaurs to the small ones and also role played feeding them. 
National School- EYFS 1

Sevval Cicek: Classroom Teacher

This week the EYFS 1 students learnt about the number 8 . The students also learnt about shapes and practiced drawing and cutting out rectangles. Students made similar shapes to a rectangle such as an octopus and decorated it with numbers.
Zek Campus - EYFS 1

Lija Rieksts: Classroom Teacher

This half-term EYFS children at both our City and Zek. Campuses have been very busy delving into and discovering the world of Dinosaurs. They have experienced a range of exploratory, investigative and fun-filled activities such as making their own fossils, learning to draw and construct dinosaurs, measuring the length of dinosaurs and their footprints and even making their own dinosaur eggs.
To celebrate and reflect upon our learning, the children in EYFS today came dressed up as a ‘dinosaur’ or as their favourite book character. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. Congratulations go to Jeanne from FS1L – Honeybees Class who was awarded ‘The best Hand and Homemade Costume’.
We all had a ‘roaring’ time and even had our own Dino Disco!
Happy holidays everyone and well done on such great work. Stay tuned as EYFS will begin another exciting Topic very soon…
Zek Campus - EYFS 2

Miss Lizzie: Dolphin Class

This week at the Zek Campus, the students retold the story 'Cookie's Week'. They first heard the story last week and were able to sequence the story using pictures. The Dolphin's came up with actions for the words to support them in their oral retelling of the story. After retelling the story, they came up with their own individual ideas of what they thought Cookie would do next week and wrote a sentence. Well done Dolphins!
'Cookie's Week' Story
Zek Campus - Year 2 - Art

Cara Frigeri; Classroom Teacher
This week the 2F Art class explored texture and patterns in out pieces to look at representing more than just how something looks. We wanted to use mixed media art to share how we feel about ideas and ourselves.
Zek Campus - Year 2 - Maths

Cara Frigeri; Classroom Teacher

This week for Maths, our Year 2 students from the 2F class investigated division with their friends at home.
Zek Campus - Year 4 - Art

Ms Lizzie; Classroom Teacher

This week our students in the 4L class created their Art work inspired by surrealism rooms and a very famous video by Cold play, Well done to all students!
Manuela's Work
Zek Campus - Year 8 - Art

Amor Cabato: Art Teacher

As the Year 8 students returned to campus they started to take trial shots for their final portrait photography unit. Below are some photos taken by our Photographers ; Kyle, Markus, Yasemin, Aamani, Ema, Laura, Maitreyi, Maya, Mohamed, Mouna, Sara, Taehyun and Alex.
Zek Campus - Year 8 - Science

Clive Rudd: Science & Mathematics Teacher

This week our Year 8 students were in the lab full of excitement as it was their first Science Lab of the year! They investigated metals and their uses. 
The metals that used were:
Calcium, Potassium , Lithium, and Sodium. Some of these are so reactive they have to be stored in oil.
They then had to record the chemical reactions observed  and investigate the gas given off when small pieces were dropped into a large beaker of water.
You can see that one of the metals gave an explosive reaction and then caught fire. This is why the experiment had to be conducted behind safety glass.
A big thank you to our Laboratory technician who demonstrated the experiment for the students.
Zek Campus - Year 8 - Spanish

Angela Perez : Spanish Teacher

Our Year 8 students have been learning how to form the past tense in Spanish. In order to understand how to use and form the preterite tense better, they had to research about the life of a person they admire and write their biography in Spanish. Here you have some examples:
Biography of Ole Kirk Christiansen by Wylie Roosevelt
Biography of Helen Keller by Sara Shimizu

Biography of BTS by So Yi Ahn
Zek Campus - Year 10 - IGCSE Spanish

Angela Perez : Spanish Teacher

Our Year 10 IGCSE students had to prepare a video in Spanish giving ideas on what to do to have fun during the pandemic. See the video created by Maya Sarimsakci. 
Maya Sarımsakcı
Zek Campus - Year 12 IBDP - Physics

Sepehr Taheri : Classroom Teacher

This week the Year 12 students explored the interference pattern of water waves with two students joining remotely.
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