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Volume 3 Number 2
Week in, Week out
A BISI Publication 

Welcome back for our second installment of all things BISI. A look behind the scenes at the things happening in school, even during a pandemic!

Our final edits have been made to the BISI school video and we're excited to share with you all the new look of BISI which our students will benefit from upon their return. A special thank you goes to our school photographer, Fatih Topuz and to our Senior Leadership Team and staff members who took part to create this short film. We hope this will give you all an idea of the way things will be and how we aim to keep all of our students and staff members as safe as possible during these challenging times. 

Our students continue to amaze us with their positive approach to the new academic year. Lots of lovely updates have been shared showing what our students have been learning and creating at home. Our Primary and Secondary students show us some of their creativity in Art and Maths this week, as well as some socially distanced PE from our EYFS students currently on campus. There are also updates from our KS1 students, IB Film Studies, our ESL department and a musical video from one of our City Campus families. Many thanks to you all for showing us your hard work and efforts during these challenging study times. 

Today we welcome our Year 1 students back to campus just for one day this week. Our Primary Senior Leadership Team shared important updates last week which explain the scheduled return and programme for students in this year group. We will continue to keep our school community updated as the Ministry of Education make further announcements on other year groups and when they will be allowed to return. We are expecting further guidance after 12th October, but until then, thank you again for your patience and understanding as we continue our journey through the virtual world of online teaching and learning. 

We hope you enjoy this week's letter...

Happy reading!
The 'New Normal at BISI' Safety Precautions Video 

And here it is after many weeks of planning, filming and editing, we're happy to share with you our safety precautions video, highlighting the changes and adaptations made over the summer, in preparation of our students returning to campus. 

Many thanks to Mr Fatih Topuz, our school photographer, for creating this video.

Also available is the transcript for the video which we've translated into Turkish, Arabic, Farsi & Korean. 
The 'new normal at BISI' safety precautions video
Sun Hats and Visors for EYFS and Key Stage 1

Our EYFS students have continued to adapt and show excellent efforts in maintaining the social distancing rules and keeping their hands washed and sanitised regularly. We're very impressed with their adaptation to the new social norms in school. Our Campus Manager arranged for adjustable sun hats with visor attachments to be distributed among our EYFS students, to enhance their safety during play times outside, protecting them form the sun and offering an alternative barrier for face protection. Pictured below are some of our students showcasing the new style of hat/face protector. The hats are adjustable to offer more comfort to our students. Alternatively, students can continue to wear their own masks if they prefer. 
'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

Ms Feltham: EYFS2 City Campus Class Teacher 

This week, EYFS City Campus children have been learning about the Nursery Rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. We practised singing the song and have been making some lovely star crafts. We have also been using information books and the internet to learn about real stars. 
Year 1 at Zek Campus

Ms Veralls: Year 1 Class Teacher 

In year 1 we have a yoga class twice a week, we enjoy sharing stories with others and in science we have been labelling the different parts of the body. 
The Technology Revolution of the Secondary Maths Department

Dr Taylan Çeltik: Head of Secondary Mathematics 

Dear secondary students and parents, I would like to welcome and salute our entire BISI community. Already the third week of the school term has ended, after what fet like, a very fast start to the year. During the summer holiday, me and my teammates, Mr Seef, Ms Duygu, Mrs Farah and Mr Clive, have been thinking about how we can create engaging education online. In the Maths department, we are using various tools to keep the standards of education as high as possible. 

We are currently using 'myimaths' for online homework and as a supportive tool for self-learning. (

We have the emulators of the GDCs and are sharing it with the students when teaching. Here is an example from Mr Seef’s online class.

And Ms Farah is using 'Desmos' to introduce Quadratic Graphs to KS3 groups and Using 'Explain Everything' software to create engaging YouTube video tutorials of key Mathematical Skills. Students use these for revision or watch them before a lesson to be prepared for the lesson's main activity.
Above: me using google meet to create a virtual whiteboard so that students can learn simultaneously, creating face to face-like education. 

Or for online assessments.

There are lots and lots of them in all secondary Maths classes and thanks to our magnificent students and their endless motivation to learn more, they all work smoothly which motivates us to excel more. 

"Once again, wishing a very successful, healthy and peaceful academic year to all."
Socially Distanced PE for EYFS

Our EYFS students have been enjoying some socially distanced PE activities with their specialist teacher, Ms Yana, this week at Zek Campus. Another example of our interactive learning opportunities, despite the social restrictions and regulations in place. A great way to maintain good health and keep our students motivated to enjoy their learning experience in a big, open space. 
Secondary Science at Zek Campus

 Mr Clark: Secondary Chemistry Teacher

9S Science group collected class data on various characteristics they have inherited from their parents. This graph shows the number of tongue rollers versus non-tongue rollers in the class. The students produced their own graphs using the shared data on Google Sheets.
Year 13 Student Reflection: Pablo Estela

I decided to do my Extended Essay in Chemistry as I am using it as a stepping stone to my future career involving Chemistry. After many hours of research and reflection, I decided to perform an experiment analysing the effect of pH on the hydrolysis of aspirin. Despite the numerous obstacles posed by our current situation regarding COVID-19, my Chemistry Extended Essay is now progressing well. I have been coming into the laboratory in order to perform my investigation and collect primary data and I appreciate the opportunity Mr. Clark and Miss. Haskan have given me in order to physically come into the lab and perform my experiment with their supervision
Year 1 City Campus Portraits

Ms Lorenz: Year 1 City Campus Class Teacher

Year 1 at Etiler are learning about portraits. We have looked at realistic portraits and tried to draw our own. We also looked at some abstract portraits by Picasso and were challenged to make our own portraits using materials from nature!

Here are a few!
Zek Campus Year 6 Creative Arts: Foreshortening Techniques

Our Year 6 students have been learning the technique of foreshortening this week as part of the Creative Arts within our curriculum. One of our Zek Campus students shows us below their hard work and creativity...

Great work! 
Secondary Art Gallery
IB Film Studies

Mr Scott Cosnett: Secondary Head of Creative Arts

This year's IB Film students have already started flexing their cinematographical muscles. Despite the restrictions imposed by online learning, students have been experimenting with camera shots, movements and frames, taking inspiration from Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece Alien in order to create a sense of eerie isolation. The students have also been busy analysing works like Netflix's Witcher series and the Coen Brothers': Big Lebowski, considering how edits and mise en scene combine to create symbolism and meaning. Here you see a snapshot from Tudor Dumitru's Alien analysis.
Year 9 French MFL

Ms Katya Skoudy: KS4 Coordinator & French Teacher

Some of my classes have been working very hard on presentations. My year 9 class have been busy doing some research on French Speaking countries and presenting it to the rest of the class.  Here are some screen shots of some of their presentation.

Year 12 also did research on a French region and shared their finding with the class.
City Campus Family Rock Band
City Campus ESL

Ms Carolyn Guven: City Campus Coordinator and ESL Teacher

In City Campus Year 2 ESL Elementary we made Australian lamington cake. Here is Vojtech and his cake. We also learnt some 2-d shape names by colouring and communicating on jamboard
Psssst!....there's a new Buzz in town

Rumour has it, there's a new kid on campus!....

Watch this space for our new arrival at City & Zek Campus. Leading the way in hang hygiene and safety precautions, we're sure our EYFS & Key Stage 1 students are going to love our new little friend!

Stay tuned for more updates....
Thanks for tuning in again for another edition of our weekly newsletter. We hope you're a little more informed about the changing events and adaptations and hope to bring more good news your way soon. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

BISI Communications