The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a prestigious program that provides students with a broad educational experience, preparing them for the future. Students who wish to embark on this exciting journey need to meet specific criteria. In this article, we will examine the admission criteria for the IB Diploma Program for 10th-grade students during the 2024-2025 academic year.


1. Academic Achievement:

Students must have successfully completed the 9th-grade to be eligible for the IB Diploma Program. Not having any failed terms or years is a crucial initial criterion in the admission process.


2. Minimum Grade Average:

Students aspiring to join the IB Diploma Program should have a minimum overall grade average of 75/100. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced academic performance.


3. English Proficiency Exams:

Students are required to achieve certain scores in internationally recognized English proficiency exams. They can choose one of the following exams and attain the specified scores:


TOEFL IBT (Minimum 17 in each section, total of 75)

IELTS Academic (Overall 6.5, minimum 6.0 in each section)

IGCSE Literature in English (A-A* for choosing IB DP English A, or at least C-B for choosing IB DP English B)

Additionally, scoring at least "B" in "The Cambridge English First Certificate Examination" (FCE) or passing "The Cambridge English Proficiency" (CPE) exam is also one of the admission criteria.


4. Teacher Recommendation:

The teacher's opinion regarding the student's readiness to meet the requirements of the International Diploma Program is a significant part of the admission process. Teachers assess students based on their academic abilities, discipline, and participation, contributing to forming this recommendation.


5. Attendance and Disciplinary Record:

Prospective IB Diploma Program students are expected to have a good attendance record and a clean disciplinary record. Being a disciplined and organized student is crucial for the success in the IB program.


6. Signing the Agreement:

Both students and parents need to sign an agreement stating that they have read and accepted the conditions regarding enrollment in the Diploma program. This demonstrates the commitment of students and their families to meet the program's requirements and responsibilities.


7. High School Registration Requirements and Fees:

Finally, students accepted into the IB Diploma Program must fulfill high school registration requirements and pay program fees. This is mandatory for students to be officially enrolled in the program.


The IB Diploma Program is a journey that aims to instill in students a global mindset, academic proficiency, and character development. Expectations from all applicants during the application process are for them to be aware of their responsibilities, show dedication, and put forth diligent effort.


Keep in mind that while the IB Diploma Program requires disciplined work and motivational efforts, it also provides students with an unforgettable learning experience. As you evaluate your eligibility for participation, we encourage you to consider both the challenges and rewards that come with this exciting opportunity.


We hope that all candidates who meet these criteria will achieve success in their applications and become eagerly anticipated students who open the doors to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.


Best wishes to all applicants during the application process!

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