Curriculum - Our Learning Environment

Our students receive education in accordance with an original program designed based on the main concepts contained in the curriculum and in which these concepts are repeated at every grade level. Concepts are taught again over the years and more is added on top of this, so that students can learn more about it and use the knowledge they have gained. In our multinational educational environment, our students actively use English at all times. In English, we create environments where children can use English at any time of the day so that they can internalize English.

While our students are stepping into life as happy individuals in a multicultural learning environment, they continue their lives as world citizens who respect different cultures, languages and values and have high communication power.

English as a second language (English as a Second Language-ESL)

We are running ESL programs for all our primary school students who need English learning support. In line with these programs, our students improve their language levels by working in small groups with our expert and experienced ESL teachers in their field.

Our Training Staff

All our teachers are sensitive to the needs and wishes of children. They know that every child has needs as an individual and create various environments to meet these needs. Our teachers observe the behavior of children in order to monitor and analyze the personal development of children and plan activities to support their development. When necessary, they receive support from experts at our school and share the whole process with the parent.

Our educational staff consists of Turkish and foreign teachers who are experts in their field and have a bachelor's degree. Our teachers, who are open to development and innovation, follow the developments taking place in their fields and strive to ensure that students learn theoretical knowledge by living. The goal of our staff is to raise children who can question. For this, they first develop themselves and their field knowledge.

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