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BISI offers many different school trips to its students that are suitable for their age. In Preschool, students take part in many educational trips to the area near the school where the school is located. Young children visit local farms, the nearby forest, shops, parks and museums to contribute to their education. Primary school students, on the other hand, visit places in Istanbul and make comparisons and comparisons. For example, to support the study of history and geography, they make trips to the local farm and countryside near the sea. The art studies of our students are supported by trips to museums, galleries and mosques in the city. In addition, our trips with accommodation are October 4. It starts in the classroom. Our students are encouraged to improve their personal, social, health and emotional skills by participating in these trips. These trips are the first opportunity that our students get to acquire independence, which is a long process. Some of our accommodation trips are Bulgaria Ski Trip, camping by the sea, Space Camp and Cappadocia trip. 

Our special trips to a specific topic start after primary school and the purpose of these trips is to contribute to the learning experience of our students. Also 7, 8, 9 and 12. every year, during the first week of October, our students participate in accommodation trips to many different locations, which are usually in Türkiye, during the Excursion Week. These trips are also of great importance in terms of continuing our tradition of out-of-class education that began in elementary school. In addition to all these, our Modern Languages Department also creates opportunities for our students to contribute to their developing language skills with trips to France, Spain and Germany, which they organize every year. 

In addition, we also carry out many sports-based school trips, where we participate in competitions with local schools and even with other October schools as part of international events such as the COBIS Games, which are held every year. During these 4-day trips, we are also actively involved in the Model United Nations, where our students have the opportunity to meet their peers both in Türkiye and in other countries.

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