• Bilingual education at its best.
  • Only English speaking campus.
  • Located in the countryside with fresh air and many open door facilities.
  • Close to parents living in the Sarıyer district.
  • Offers a combined curriculum of Turkish National Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum and the British National Curriculum. Eg: Year 1: Out of 35 sessions a week 22 is English-13 is Turkish.
  • Accepts Turkish citizenships, %30 non-Turkish citizenships and students who have dual citizenships with Turkish citizenship.
  • Physical facilities: It has a Botanic Garden with an amphitheatre and an allotment garden, a modern school theatre, libraries, computer suites using Apple technology and well-equipped science laboratories, indoor gymnasiums, an all-weather sports pitch, a basketball/volleyball, tennis court and a heated swimming pool. It also has the play areas and activity playgrounds that have rubberised safety surfaces.
  • Free/paid after school activities are preferred by students.
  • Internal & external trips common with international school.
  • Differentiated learning.
  • 2nd Language as Spanish/French starting at an early age. (Year 3)

  • Individual support according to the children’s needs
    • ESL Support
    • Academic support for Turkish Maths-Science-Turkish-Social Studies
    • Counselling and Learning Support
  • Qualified teachers

  • Safe & Active Technologies used in school 
    • Learning Ladders
    • CPOMS-Child Protection Policy & Safety issues
    • Summative and formative assessments by Cambridge and Oxford
    • Outstanding online library applications
    • Parental portals for home usage
  • Lunch and snacks cooked at school under the provision of the school food engineer. (Gluten free and vegetarian menu are also served according to the child's needs)
  • Corporate communication with parents
  • Corporate communication between staff and admin
  • IB High School

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   © 2024 BISI National School,  Özel Beş İklim Sevgi Primary, Middle ve Anatolian High School     Privacy Policy    Term of Use    Careers  

© 2024 BISI National School, Özel Beş İklim Sevgi Primary, Middle ve Anatolian High School     Privacy Policy    Term of Use    Careers  

BISI National School is a division of The British School Istanbul

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