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Volume 3 Number 17
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

Dear Readers,

Monday was a snow surprise event for all of our students. They made full use of the snow day by playing out as well as using snow as a natural resource for lessons, activities and learning opportunities. 

This week our EYFS students continued to learn more about dinosaurs. The Dolphin Class was busy building their own dinosaur sculptures outside. Our City students built, decorated and investigated fossils and dinosaur eggs. Our National EYFS students created their own snowmen by cutting out pieces of paper and decorating it. It was great to see all the creativity of our students.

Our Zek Campus; Year 1 students learnt about space and built their own rockets. Year 4 and Year 6 students have been practicing their math's by building 3D shapes with the snow. In the Science class of the National School, the Year 5 students worked on a group project and produced fascinating ideas for astronauts.

In addition, our Year 10 students taking IGCSE Art have started with their coursework. Despite the learning restrictions, they produced an excellent piece of work! Well done to all!

We hope you enjoy the selection of our students work on the 17th edition of What's Been Happening at BISI!

City Campus - EYFS - FS1

Phylicia Chin: EYFS Class Teacher

We have been learning about dinosaurs in these past weeks. We have looked at the formation of dinosaur fossils, decorated our class dinosaur, measured dinosaurs, investigated dinosaur eggs and used different materials to free dinosaurs trapped in ice.
City Campus - Year One

Alisa Lorenz: Classroom Teacher

City Campus - Year 6 

Donna Wootton: Maths Teacher

Snow Maths
This week our Year 6 Students from the City Campus enjoyed their time in the snow while using their creative skills!
National School- EYFS 2

Gokcenur Inan: Classroom Teacher

This week in the National School - EYFS 2 students were fascinated by the snow and were excited to illustrate it through their work by creating a snowman on paper. They made the snowman by drawing and cutting pieces of paper to bring it all together!  
National School - Year 1

Simge Karamanoglu - Classroom Teacher

This week our National School Year 1 Students started to learn how to read and write followed by playıng the 'Crazy Hat Day Game'!.
National School - Year 2

Fiona Woolcott - Year 2 Classroom Teacher

This week our year 2 students in the National school have worked very hard and still had time to play in the snow!
Here is video of Nubeyya playing with the snow.
National School - Year 5

Ms Meltem: Turkish - Science Class

This week our Year 5 students worked as a group on a STEM project. I wanted them to design an insulated cup for astronauts. 
They really enjoyed designing their cups and choosing the materials!
Zek EYFS 2

Miss Lizzie: EY2 Reception Class

This week in Reception, we are studying dinosaurs. The Dophin Class had a great opportunity to make their own dinosaur sculptures out of natural resources, using the abundance of snow outside!

Some of the dinosaurs in these pictures feature the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Brontosaurus. The children spent lots of time adding details to their sculpture, including long necks, a tail, eyes, and plates/spikes.
Zek Year 1

Amelia Verralls: Year 1 Classroom Teacher

This week the Year 1V students enjoyed their new ECA club learning all about space. They have been learning about different rockets which take off into space and designed and made their own one. Also they looked at the different planets and made  the planets Mars, Jupiter and Earth using baking soda and water. They added some vinegar to make these planets fizz. In the next few weeks, we will learn about astronauts, the black hole and the moon and stars!
Rockets are ready to take off!
Zek Year 4 

Lizzie Lincoln: Year 4 Classroom Teacher

After carrying out a scientific investigation last week, this week the Year 4L students made a great use of the snow by practicing their fractions while making a snow pizza!
Manuela's Fractions
Zek Year 6 

Ms Cosnett (6C) & Mr McCann (6M) : Maths 

This week in Maths, the Year 6 students also made use of the snow and made a snowmen comprised of cuboids. After building their snowmen, they first estimated and then measured the volume of it.
Zofia - 6M
Zek Year 10 - IGCSE Art

Amor Cabato: Art Teacher

In IGCSE Art, year 10 students have started their coursework and have recently completed their observational study of fabrics. Due to the current teaching/learning restrictions, the students drew and painted these studies from a picture reference. Their objective was to capture the realism of the subject through the utilization of varied watercolor painting techniques. Here are some photos of works from Chanyeong, Ayhan and Selin.
Documentaries for Social Change

Our Secondary Students presented their final piece of presentations for the workshop; Documentaries for Social Change with Delizia and Aysegül. Our students very creatively expressed their feelings and idreas on social injustice issues through the use of Art and Music.
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Wishing everyone a restful weekend, stay warm!

Best wishes,

BISI Communications