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Volume 3 Number 18
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication


Years 8 and 12 are back in BISIness!

This week our Year 8 and Year 12 students joined the EYFS students on campus for the first time since March 2020. After a health and safety orientation on their first day, they all enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers again in person. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that more year groups will be joining them in the school soon. 

Our ESL classes have been learning their way around the school by drawing a map. Well done to Yunhui, Chan, David, Desiree and Ryan for their work!

As it is the month of January, Our Year 4 students celebrated Australia Day (26th January) with their Australian Teacher. They discussed the facts of Australia as well as must see places. They completed a fun mini quiz in the end to wrap up the lesson. Please see the winners below! 

At the National School, this week the EYFS 1 students learnt about the number seven through play and exploration. The lesson also involved matching and sequencing pictures of animals with the correct environment e.g. sea and land). Our EYFS 2 students are currently preparing their art work for 23 April Exhibition.

Our Reception class (Dolphin) carried out their lesson to the Botanical Garden to learn about positional language and observed the effects of Autumn and Winter to their surroundings.

In Computing lessons, Year 6 students created a 3D maze as well as working on a new program called Tinkercard.

This week the Year 8 students were back in campus for their ICT lesson where they manipulated digital photos and started to learn the basics of Photoshop.

In addition, our Year 12 students in IB Film class has worked on editing and experimenting with the split screen. In Chemistry, the students did actual practical's in their HL Chemistry classes using the lab. The Year 12 IB students were back in campus to explore different types of transverse waves in groups.

We hope you enjoy the selection of our students work on the 18th edition of What's Been Happening at BISI!

City Campus - Year 1

Alisa Lorenz: Classroom Teacher

This week in Art, Year 1 City students made their own homemade stamps from materials around the house. We then used the stamps to make a print on paper.
Aarohi Keshav - Year 1
Lyah Camara - Year 1
City Campus - Year 4

Dave Scarff: Classroom Teacher

This week the Year 4S class celebrated Australia Day as our teacher is from Australia. They did an online tour of Australia to see the top 10 places to visit. The students also also learnt about kangaroos, emus and koalas. In the end they played Kahoots, which covered  Australian Fun Facts and Australian Animals. The winners were Mass and Stella! Well done to all! 
National School- EYFS 1

Sevval Cicek: Classroom Teacher

This week our EYFS 1 students learnt about the number 7 and put animals in to groups according to where they live (sea, land, air) in their Turkish lesson.
National School - EYFS 2

Gokcenur Inan: Classroom Teacher

This week our EYFS 2 students started to prepeare their art work for 23 April Exhibitions. The students also created paper mosaic flags using red paper cuts to contribute to recycling
Zek EYFS 2

Miss Lizzie: Reception Class

This week in Reception, the Dolphin Class went on a winter walk. We were learning about positional language and the children were able to follow positional instructions. The children were able to observe and explain the differences between our autumn and winter walk. 
Zek Year 1 - ESL

Miss Clio: Classroom Teacher

Over the past few weeks, students have been learning about directions and places in our town.  This week they consolidated their learning by creating 'My Town' projects. Super work Yunhui, Chan, David, Desiree and Ryan!
Zek Year 6 

Ms Wootton; Classroom Teacher

This week our Year 6 students created a 3D maze. In the past week, the Year 6S students started a new Unit in Computing and were introduced to the design program called Tinkercad.  For their first task they had to select, move, and delete a digital 3D shape in order to create a maze.
Nira Zaheer 6D
Zek Year 8 - ICT

Jeevesh Kumar: ICT Teacher

This week in the ICT class, our Year 8 students manipulated digital photos in fun ways by learning the basics of Photoshop. The activity offers fun for kids that will help teach them about effects and other photo editing techniques. 
Zek Year 12 - IB Film

Scott Cosnett: Teacher

This week IB Film students have been dividing their time, breaking things apart and messing with the idea of showing multiple events at the same time. They have been exploring and experimenting with: the split screen. Some students took the chance to juxtapose events within a single timeframe; some, like Muzna in Year 12, even experimented with looking at a muder from the point of view of murderer and murder-ee - at the same time (very film noir). Others, like Alice in Year 12, decided to make the most of the snow and have a snowball fight with herself by using an invisible split screen technique. 
Zek Year 12 - Chemistry

Darren Clark: Chemistry Teacher

Deep in Year 12 was very excited to be given the opportunity to do an actual practical in her HL Chemistry classes this week. She measured the maximum temperature change that occurred when she combusted three different chemicals in an energetics lab. This type of lab is called calorimetry. She will then process the data to calculate the amount of energy (in kilojoules, kJ) transferred to the water in the beaker using the equation q = mcΔT. A simple but required practical for IB Chemistry.
Deep - Year 12
Zek Year 12 IBDP

Sepehr Taheri: Teacher

This week our Year 12 IBDP students has been back on campus in their lesson to exploring longitudinal and transverse waves.
Welcome Back Year 8 and 12 Students
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