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Volume 3 Number 7
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

So here we are at the halfway mark of Term One already. Term One is always one of our busiest and most challenging terms in the academic year. With the start of a new year, everyone is learning to adapt to a new routine; new friends, new teachers, and a new level of work and that's all just in a regular school year! so it goes without saying that 2020 has most definitely not been one of those years. This has been an overwhelmingly challenging year for everyone and we are so proud and grateful to all of our BISI community: students, staff and families, who have adapted to the ever-changing events and expectations that this year has brought. We're sure that you're all ready for a week to rest and re-energise before taking on part 2 of this first term. You've all earned it and we wish you all a wonderful week, whatever you plan to do with it. 

This week on campus we've been busy preparing for Halloween fun to mark the end of the first half of term. But things don't slow just because we're heading for a break; with our Year 11s and 13s back on campus, they've been taking full advantage of having the space in school to complete important tasks such as the TOK (Theory of Knowledge) presentations and sitting IGCSE exams. 

Primary have been planning Halloween events, for what is always, an eventful day on campus. Many students and teachers dressed in their finest Halloween attire to enjoy the day and primary students joined the online fun so there was no missing out this year. A special thanks to Miss Lynne and the team of helpers who put huge amounts of effort into this year's event to ensure all of our students could enjoy the fun, even from the comfort of their own homes. You've done a fabulous job and this year was tougher than most to plan. We hope you all enjoy the gallery below of our Halloween fun on both campuses. 

On Thursday our National School students presented us with a wonderful celebration for the Turkish Republic Day. For those who were not able to join the event on Thursday morning, we've reshared the video in the newsletter so you can catch up on the wonderful presentations and artwork our students prepared. Many thanks to all of the National School students and staff for your weeks of hard work and planning. It was a great event!

We'll be back to school from the 2nd November with more updates from part 2 of the first term. Until then, enjoy your mid-term break and have a great week!
Classroom Activities in National School 

Ms Inan: EYFS2 Turkish Classroom Teacher

Drawing pictures: The children looked at themselves and their friends in the mirror and observed similarities and differences. They drew themselves according to their observations. They measured their height and took notes.
National School Year 4 - First Day Back

Ms Eda Nur Kocaman: Year 4 Turkish Class Teacher 

Our National School Year 4 students started face-to-face education last week. We had 5 students who came to the school, and 2 of our students continued their distance education with some belended learning in the classroom, enabling them to be part of the live class action. 
Halloween at BISI

As is traditional at BISI, every year we like to get all of our students involved in the Halloween fun. This year has been different to any other, with most of our students continuing with their online education and social gatherings being a non starter. That didn't stop the fun though, and our primary students got involved in lots of Halloween activities during the week, not to mention the brilliant costumes.  Ms Lynne has been busy planning the activities for primary students for weeks in the run-up to the day, and our primary teachers have been working hard behind the scenes to try to make this year's online activities just as fun as before. 

The day started with a Halloween parade from our EYFS students in the morning, followed by lots of Halloween activities throughout the day in primary. We even managed to take a few pics of our teachers in full Halloween costume as they continued with the online lessons for the day. Keep scrolling for the day's fun in pictures...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Class 5F Haunted House Instructions...

Our Year 5 students in Mr Fawcett's class have been putting their Halloween hats on to come up with some spooky Haunted House instructions.

Continue for some inspiration...
Year 4 Halloween Muffin Making 
Our Year 4 students were set the task to prepare and bake Halloween themed muffins as part of the Halloween themed activities in primary this week. Excellent baking skills all round!
National School EYFS Pumpkin Creations

Louise Dominey : EYFS2 National School English Teacher 

The National School Reception children have had a lot fun this week, completing spooky Halloween activities. One of their favourites was pumpkin carving! They really enjoyed scooping out the flesh with spoons. They were even brave enough to put their hands inside to explore what the seeds and flesh felt and smelt like. We finished the activity by turning out the lights and watching our new pumpkin friend glow in the dark. 
International EYFS Halloween Activities 

Mr Scott's class have been having lots of fun this week doing Halloween themed activities. Keep scrolling to see their brilliant gallery of Halloween creations...
City Campus ESL Activities
City Campus Year 3

City Campus Year 3s have been learning about rocks and soil this week with Ms Adesanya. 
Our Year 3 students have been learning how to cut and paste and change fonts during their ICT lesson this week. 
National School Seminar

The Parent Counselling Seminar was held on Monday in our National School, where the topic ‘Different Learning Styles’ was discussed. 

A survey was shared with all students and parents and the topic was revised with the parents online. 
Republic Day Celebration 

For anyone who missed the wonderful Republic Day celebration presented by our National School on Thursday, please click here to view in full. 

Happy Republic Day!
Rethinking Race, Privilege and Microaggressions at BISI

Mark Muller: English Teacher and Working Group member

This term teaching staff in all sections of BIS were involved in professional development concerning ‘Race, Privilege and Microaggressions’. Two sessions of workshops included presentations and group work in which staff considered ways of applying awareness of these important issues to everyday practices in our school. 


In aligning ourselves with the universal growth in awareness of everyday and systemic racism that persists in our societies, teachers are considering how we can educate our students in ways that better prepare them to enter multi-racial institutions, organisations and societies as well-informed, conscious and respectful individuals. 


A Working Group representing all sections of the school - teachers, students and parents - is continuing the conversation and process of developing our awareness, teaching and learning for anti-racism, justice and equality.  


In addition to the process of self-education we at school are embarked upon, the participation and involvement of parents in instilling these values at home is particularly important. You are encouraged to participate in these initiatives through the PTA, and can also contact the following teacher representatives in the Working Group with any constructive questions, ideas and suggestions.


Primary School Zek:  Emily Newman

EYFS Zek: Lija Rieksts

National School Zek: Emilia Battye  and 

Simge Karamanoglu

Primary School City: Lauren Walsh  Amelia Verrals and Phylicia Chin

Secondary School: Farah Elemara Marien Bemi  Briley Habib and Mark Muller

Battery Recycling 

Battery recycling as modelled by Ms. Gumus - a reminder to anyone coming into school that they can dispose of their batteries here (located next to the photocopier in the admin buliding) .
Year 13 Chemistry IAs

Yousuf has been busy collecting data for his Chemistry coursework, which counts for 20% of his overall grade.
Mid-Term Break

School will be closed for the mid-term break this week. Lessons will begin again on Monday 02 November from the usual hour of 09:00.

We hope you have a restful week and enjoy a well deserved break. We're looking forward to getting stuck into the last half of the first term and seeing what it will bring. 

Happy half-term!

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