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Volume 3 Number 8
Week in, Week out
A BISI School publication

Dear readers,

Welcome back for our eighth installment of BISI news on what has definitely been a very rainy week . We were delighted to see some of our Year 5 students return to both campuses this week, as they begin a phased return to school. The extra sounds of students on campus has been a welcomed return for staff, despite the cold and gloomy weather forecast. 

To help cheer you all up our City Campus students have shared a little performance on their Ukeleles with Ms Uys this week, as well as as some beautiful displays of work coming from National & International School students.
So please sit back, and enjoy whats been happening at BISI this week.
City Campus Year 3 Music Lesson
This week our Year 3 class have been learning how to play the Ukeleles. Here is a little performance for to enjoy thanks to our Music Teacher Ms Desiree Uys
City Year One- BeeBots

Alisa Lorenz: Year 1 Classroom Teacher

This week in Computing, Year 1 began reading and inputting code into BeeBots! We had lots of fun learning how to put in the code and seeing how the BeeBot moves.
City Year 6- Making Digital Timelines using Padlet

Donna Wootton: Year 6 Classroom Teacher 

We introduced Padlets (an online tool) as a learning resource this week in Year 6 during our History lesson.  Year 6 students will be learning about the Silk Road in History this term.

To see an example please click here.
Zek National Reception Class- Autumn

Our Reception Class have been making some artwork to celebrate the Autumn season.
ZEK Class 3A- Mumify a fish

Julianne Aycan: 3A Classroom Teacher 

We mummified a fish as part of the Ancient Egyptian history topic in Humanities.
We followed the procedures used by the Ancient Egyptians as much as possible.
Firstly, we used a hook to remove the brains.
Next, we made a cut and removed the intestines.
Together we madea bath using different herbs.
Then the fish was given a bath.
It was then rubbed with salt and baking powder.
Finally it was placed in kitty litter ( not exactly as the Ancient Egyptians would have done.)
After that we calculated 40 days to know when it will be ready for the next part of the mummifying.
The children created signs to ensure that others know what is inside the box.
Welcoming Back our Year 5 Students

This week Year 5 students at both City and Zek have started blended learning and were back in the classroom on Tuesday and Thursday. Here are some photos from of our Zek Year 5 Students in there Science lesson 'An introduction to Space- What do you already know about space?' 
IB Student Recitals

From Mrs. Kelly’s DP Music Class
On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 two IB DP music students gave a double recital for each of the Year 13 form classes in the BISI theatre as part of their coursework requirements.
First to perform was Alara Liz Çoban performing a piece by Felix Mendelssohn on the piano. Second to perform was Naoki Kawaguchi performing a Paul Simon piece on the drum kit.
ZEK PTA Meeting 9.11.20
Dear Parents,

PTA meeting will be held this coming Monday, 9 November 2020 at 9.00am via
zoom.  All parents are welcome to attend and we would love to see you there!

To join the Zoom Meeting, Please click here
10 November Commemoration  Day Ceremony

To Join our 10 November Commemortation Day ceremony on Tuesday the 10th of November at 9:00am via zoom. 
Please click here
Hope everyone has a safe and cozy weekend.

Best wishes,

BISI Communications