Parent-Teacher Association

2022 – 2023 Parent-Teacher Association Board Members:


  • Chairman of OAB Board of Directors: Zeynep Başak Bilgili
  • OAB Board of Directors Vice President: İrem Başkol
  • OAB Board Members: Nihal Ündeş, Ceren Aşcı, Pınar Karaçöl, Shelly Erginbaş, Asude Ulaşer, Güneş Eyileblebici, Begüm Terzioğlu, Öznur Manoun, Özlem Uçkan, Deniz Sarıoğlu
  • OAB Board of Directors Substitute Members: Aslı Aşkan, Nihal Birtek Özdemir
  • OAB Board of Audit Members: Hülya Kanlı, Didem Kavgaoğlu, Edanur Kocaman, Merve Adıgüzel, Meltem Vurkun, İlknur Avunduk

Purpose of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA):

  • BISI PTA members aim to be useful to our school, to the society we live in, to the students in need and to the needs of our school by cooperating with the activities, trips and donations organised by the OAB. 

  • PTA members support BISI to become a successful school that is recognized worldwide. 

  • With the studies in line with the school spirit, the students and their parents become a part of the BISI Family.

Responsibilities and Authorities of the Parent-Teacher Association Members (PTA):

  • Collaborating with school management, teachers, parents and families.
  • To support the school's strategic plan studies and implementations for quality and success in education.
  • To contribute to the organisation of courses, exams, seminars, music, theatre, sports, art, excursions, bazaars and similar educational activities planned by the school administration in order to increase the success of the students.
  • To contribute to the evaluation of the school's educational environments such as classrooms, gymnasiums, libraries, laboratories and workshops, in cooperation with the School Administration, outside of education and training activities.
  • Purchasing goods and services to meet the school's needs.
  • Accepting in-kind and cash donations made to the school, keeping records, organising social and cultural events and campaigns, using conditional donations in accordance with its purpose.

Parent-Teacher Association Activities and Meetings:

  • It works in cooperation with the school management by holding meetings every quarter.

  • When deemed necessary, the head of the parent-teacher association, the vice-president and the members of the board of directors may hold meetings at or outside the school.

2022-2023 Academic Year Activities:

  • Student-Teacher Parent Orientation
  • Guidance Parent Seminars
  • Sports Day Events
  • Second Hand Uniform Sale
  • Halloween Celebration
  • Teachers' Day Celebration
  • Professions Talks
  • New Year's Fair and Celebration
  • World Citizenship Day Event
  • Social Responsibility Projects (TİDER)
  • April 23 Children's Day Festival
  • Cake & Bake Sale
  • Parent-Student external trip planning
  • Year 4 Graduation Ceremony

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